• Edge gateways come in many shapes and sizes and the edge gateways that include the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating system are ideally suited to run the PI System. The variety of hardware specifications available with edge gateways on the market today enable a range of PI Systems to be deployed to match the amount to IIoT data to be collected, stored, and analyzed at the edge.

    PI Systems targeted for operation on edge gateways are suited for operation with remote assets that include a high concentrations of sensor data, up to 2500 unique data streams can be stored in these PI Systems at the edge. For less information dense assets, smaller edge gateways can be deployed, providing the flexibility to use the right edge gateway for the job. The table below is intended to provide a rough guide for selecting edge gateway hardware for PI System deployments that require up to 1000 data streams and up to 2500 data streams. For edge gateways with different CPU, RAM, and/or storage specifications, adjust the number of data streams and/or the data collection rate accordingly. The data collection rate shown is an example used to highlight the data storage capacity of edge gateways at the maximum number of data streams; the PI System has a wide range of data collection rates available to meet the specific needs of the deployment.

    Edge Gateway Hardware Specification and PI System Sizing

    Gateway Class CPU Class CPU (GHz) CPU Cores RAM (GB) Storage (GB) PI System Size (Data Streams)  Data Collection Rate (events/sec) Data Storage Duration (days) 
    Small  Atom  1.75  64  1000  1000  56 
    Large  Core i5  1.9  128  2500  2500  44